Superbowl reveiw

Wow what a game!! I got to say I was going for Arizona but whatcha gonna do? First of let me tell you about the game. I mean lets see 1st quarter A touch down by the Steelers in like the first 10 min. But then Arizona Challenged that and got It no touch down but the Steelers still got the kick for 3 points! And honestly Number 92 for the Steelers was on fire! Arizona was like 2 yards from touchdown and 92 got the turnover and ran 100 YARDS FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!!! I mean I didn’t think 92 was that kind of person being the defensive player of the year and all but I guess he proved me wrong! But then 92 had to ruin himself by that yellow flag which I thought should have been a red!! He was on a person who was down ruffian him and pushin him and then the Arizona guy kind of got up and he PUNCHED HIM DOWN!!!!!!! Then he did it Again!! Man that was just to far for me I think he shoulda been out and his pay check shoulda been serisly killed!! What do you think?? But man that last quarter was INTENCE!! I honestly thoght the cardnalls had it with that last touchdown but then Pitsburg got one with  like a minute left  and man arizona was just not up to it! That the game review be sure to check out my review of the commertalls!


~ by agk1997 on February 3, 2009.

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